13 Years Ago We Pioneered Oil and Gas Imaging
Our Techniques Became Industry Standard
Cheaper Pricing Through Automation
More Than 30,000,000 Images
From Over 6,000 Sections
Unlimited File Storage
Digital Delivery

About Vandalay Imaging

When Greg Kinney pulled out a camera in 2005 and started taking pictures in the courthouse, county clerks and landmen alike didn’t like it, but this is usually the case when people see something new. It was a battle at first but eventually, the immeasurable benefits could not be ignored. After a couple of years this new approach to research was embraced state-wide and some of the techniques Greg developed have become industry standard today.

Vandalay Imaging still takes the same out-of-the-box approach today. New innovative techniques and automation has led us to develop software that will let our cloud servers do the work of a thousand imagers. What’s the benefit to you? Sections are being finished in record time and at minimal cost. Technology is moving rapidly and things are changing. Come be on the forefront with us. Come experience something that seems unique today but will simply be industry standard tomorrow.


Why Use Us?




Attention to detail

We reply to your email – within minutes

Our imagers have minimum 5 years experience

We answer the phone when you call – day, night, or weekend


We Are Different

We’re a small crew. Do you want 35 imagers on the ground tomorrow morning? Call someone else. Are you excited by the idea of letting computers do the work instead of humans standing in the courthouse? We make up for our small size in our technology and outside-the-box approach to imaging. Paying imagers is your greatest cost and we aim to minimize that. Let us tap into our existing inventory. Copy and paste is a lot faster and cheaper than going out and shooting the same sections and long instruments over and over again. Let us put our new software to use. Our cloud servers are a lot cheaper than hiring imagers. Give us a call and experience imaging like you have never experienced before.